What Can Intelligo Do for You?

Since 1991, Intelligo has provided full end-user training, change management, and implementation support solutions for companies with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. We provide:

  • Training development and delivery for Oracle, Infor and SAP implementations
  • Customized ERP training, documentation, and support materials
  • E-Learning development using Oracle's User Productivity Kit (UPK), SAP's Workforce Performance Builder (WPB) and Infor's EPAK and Learning Accelerator
  • Training for your team on Oracle, SAP and Infor e-learning tools

Our clients come from diverse industries, including bio-medical, petrochemical, construction, and manufacturing. We have an extensive library of materials as well as expertise in international implementations and global training development. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Oracle Online Training
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UPK Training
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