Infor Training Solutions

Puzzled about how to deliver cost-effective training and support for your Infor system end users? We can help! We have delivered successful training and support solutions for ERP systems for nearly 25 years, and been Infor's North American training services partner for nearly 5 years.

Intelligo works with you to develop and deliver training and support solutions that meet your budget and maximize the effectiveness of your training program. Our services are targeted to your needs, and may include any of the following:

  • User Adoption services provide a detailed blueprint for your training program.
  • Training Development assistance ensures training materials support your business and system processes.
  • EPAK and Learning Accelerator implementation and training services equip your team with the knowledge they need to use the e-learning tool you've selected.
  • Training Delivery assistance to boost end-user knowledge rapidly.

Don't let training be the critical missing piece!

Our EPAK and Learning Accelerator practices specialize in delivering solutions that increase employee productivity, retention and performance. Contact us today!