EPAK and Learning Accelerator

Timely training and on-the-job support is the critical for most organizations. That's why Infor has two powerful e-learning tools:

  • EPAK (Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit) for many Infor systems.
  • Learning Accelerator, for Infor Lawson S3, M3 and Talent Management systems.

These tools are powerful and very similar in their capabilities. We offer the following services to help you ramp up:

  • Training for your e-learning and script developers.
  • Defining effective development standards, format and configuration for your e-learning.
  • Developing a model course using these standards.
  • Establishing the end-user deployment process through your Intranet, Knowledge Center, Manager or an LMS.
  • Developing e-learning content, or co-developing with your team.

Let Intelligo jumpstart your e-learning program with expert training, instructionally effective standards and development support.

Contact us to ramp up your e-learning program with EPAK or Learning Accelerator!