Infor User Adoption

A new system is a game changer, and you need a winning strategy to prepare all the players in your organization. Our User Adoption Plan does just that.

Why a User Adoption Plan?

You gain a comprehensive blueprint that:

  • Provides a detailed matrix mapping user roles to system tasks.
  • Identifies the modes of training for each role (e-learning, classroom, or both).
  • Defines KPIs for measuring success.
  • Includes practical ways to enable change, engage employees and promote success.

What's in a User Adoption Plan?

Intelligo's User Adoption Plan includes:

  • A matrix that maps user roles to specific system tasks.
  • An analysis of your training and support infrastructure and tools.
  • Integration of Infor's EPAK (Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit) or Learning Accelerator into your solution.
  • Key areas of change, critical operational areas, and employee communication plan.
  • Operational goals and metrics to measure success.

Successful User Adoption Leads to Operational Success

You'll also receive a training project plan, and the details that allow you to make informed decisions on the scope, timeline, and staffing for each task in the plan. We develop your plan rapidly, because we bring a starting matrix and blueprint for Infor implementations.

Contact us to find out how Intelligo's User Adoption Plan delivers a winning strategy that fits your needs and budget.