Use Infor EPAK as Your Training and Support Hub

Infor's EPAK e-learning tool is more than just a powerful way to develop and deliver web-based training. You can use EPAK as your single "go to" hub for all training and support materials, including written materials, training videos, policies and procedures, and business process flows. By consolidating materials dispersed throughout the organization into a "one stop" online training and support hub, it helps you and your employees find the information easily.

If you have EPAK's Knowledge Center, you can add materials easily and assign them to user roles, enabling people to find information they need and managers to monitor training and usage information. This is the easiest way to consolidate diverse information and provide access, while rapidly filtering the information that people need to see.

If you don't have Knowledge Center, you can take advantage of EPAK Developer's linking capability, by placing hyperlinks in a web page at the Module or Section level of your outline. These links can point to your training documents which are stored in EPAK's development repository and available when you publish the EPAK Player. Storing the documents in the repository gives you greater control over the end product, but you can link to external sites/repositories too.

EPAK's Search function and role-based filtering capabilities allow employees to search for the documents they need, without placing additional burdens on your intranet site. And if you're just beginning to use Infor EPAK, you can consolidate existing training and support materials to draw your end users to your organization's single training and support hub, blending the new training with existing content. You can also add extra value by including FAQs and other features to keep people coming back.

One of the challenges of providing training support for your organization is keeping track of all of the training resources available to your end users. Often there are multiple places where training and support materials may be found, and in many different formats. People often end up frustrated with trying to find the written or online resources, and they call your help desk for answers. By consolidating your organizations policies and procedures as well as training and support materials into a central hub, it makes it easier for everyone to find information rapidly, both for training new users as well as providing on-the-job support.


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