UPK 12.1 Service Pack 2 released

Oracle UPK Release 12.1 Enablement Service Pack 2 was released in October 2015. Service Pack 2 introduces new features to improve the user experience for content authors, project owners, and end users:

  • RecordIt! Tool - Service Pack 2 introduces a new, light-weight RecordIt! tool. RecordIt is now a standalone tool, and no longer requires a full Developer license. This will make it easy and cost effective for your Subject Matter experts to contribute content, sharing their expertise. This is our favorite enhancement in the new release!
  • Single Sign-on Developer Login – In addition to the previously added SSO support in Knowledge Center in 12.1, SSO authentication is now also provided in the Developer. This is especially important for customers and partners who want to offer the UPK library as a cloud service.
  • Author Contact Information – An additional feature in Service Pack 2 makes collaboration easier by enabling authors to specify their contact information. Contact information can be entered manually in existing information or leverage the LDAP data in SSO environments.
  • Owner and State Stored in Document History – Owner and State make it easy to track changes in your materials and determine when to publish content. Starting with Service Pack 2, owner and state become properties of document versions. The state and owner changes are displayed in the document history.
  • With each new release, Oracle continues to add additional target applications, recording environments, operating systems, databases, and web browsers. This allows organizations to current with technology trends. Intelligo supports the new release in our comprehensive guide, Mastering Oracle's User Productivity Kit, that supplements Oracle's standard UPK materials.


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