INTELLIgence Blog: SAP Training

New Features in Workforce Performance Builder 9.4

Among an array of exciting new features in SAP's new release of Workforce Performance Builder (WPB) are Cloud access and two new learning modes, Guided Presentation and Free Presentation:


SAP Workforce Performance Builder's Navigator feature

The latest version of SAP's Workforce Performance Builder suite is version 9.2.2. Up to now, WPB had three components: 


Intelligo Consultants Obtain SAP Certification in WPB 9.2!

Some Intelligo consultants recently got the chance to attend the first SAP consultant certification workshop for Workforce Performance Builder 9.2, thanks to our partnership with Infor, an...

WPB Certification keeps Intelligo consultants at their peak!

Intelligo consultants attended training at SAP and were certified in the latest version of Workforce Performance Builder. With our HQ in Denver, staying at peak performance comes naturally!