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UPK Certification keeps Intelligo consultants at their peak!

Intelligo consultants completed the coursework for Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) Functional Implementation Specialist Certification Exam. The Oracle coursework covered subjects...


UPK 11.1 Service Pack 2 has been released!

Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) 11.1 Service Pack (ESP) 2 was released in May 2013. This service pack enhances existing and provides fantastic new features. UPK 11...


UPK 11.1 is here!

Intelligo consultants are now using UPK 11.1 to enhance customer e-learning. The upgrade to UPK 11.1 Professional includes several new features to improve the implementation...


New functions in UPK 11

In the old days, you would create e-learning content (simulations and web pages) in UPK, and publish it to Knowledge Pathways Designer. Then you would add questions and assessments to the content...


UPK 11 is here!

In less than a year after Oracle OpenWorld in September 2010, Oracle released User Productivity Kit 11 as promised in July 2011. UPK 11 is the next generation of UPK, building on the previous...