Global Life Sciences Company

A global life sciences company with over 4,800 employees in more than 70 countries and over 15,000 products.

The Challenge

As the first phase of an aggressive world-wide business and technology transformation, the client elected to "go live" using the "big-bang" approach for seven European locations. The time lines were tight. Intelligo had less than six months to design, develop, and deliver a high-quality, no-fail training solution for their Financial, Distribution, and Sales Order Management systems. High priority for the client was for Intelligo to develop and deliver a cost-effective training solution with reduced travel expenses to users scattered across Europe.

The Solution

The client chose to use a combination of web-based training pre-requisite courses with facilitator-led classroom sessions. Using both web-based simulations and a live environment helped to ensure employees understood new functionality and knew how to obtain self-help using online performance support materials post go-live. Drawing on our extensive experience training end users, our library of tools, and our templates allowed us to expedite the development of a customized training solution consisting of step-by-step instructions, quick reference cards, simulations, exercises, and quizzes.

Assessment and Planning

Intelligo performed a role-based training needs assessment to define training requirements based on software and user roles. Intelligo provided recommendations for the most cost-effective training delivery method (classroom, Web-based or a combination), based on employees' needs and locations. We developed and delivered a training plan and timeline to ensure employees were ready and able to take advantage of the new enterprise software functionality at go-live.

Training Development

Intelligo worked closely with the company's Subject Matter Experts and power users to document business processes, create step-by-step instructions, quick reference cards, and web-based training for key topics and targeted user groups.

Using our library of automated tools and templates, we quickly created training materials that performed double duty, not only serving as the basis for classroom and Web-based training, but allowing employees to get help from their desktops when they need it by accessing an Intelligo-created online repository for performance support materials.

Train-the-Trainer – Leveraging the Clients In-house Skills and Knowledge

To extend the client's training capital, Intelligo prepared a select group of power users and Subject Matter Experts using Train-the-Trainer training. The hands-on workshops used actual course materials to teach the instructors how to deliver effective and consistent end-user training. The Train-the-Trainer sessions incorporated adult learning principles, as well as soft skills, associated with facilitating learning sessions and creating a positive and effective learning environment. This allowed the client to conduct the actual end user training, reducing overall rollout costs.

Intelligo's Value-Add

Intelligo's experience in rapid development and delivery of custom training and ongoing performance support materials allowed the company to meet an aggressive European rollout schedule, as well as reduce training hours through the right combination of classroom and Web-based training.

The online support materials and simulations enabled the company to proceed with subsequent rollouts in the United States and Asia Pacific regions by providing a solid base of training materials. Those in Europe continue to benefit from a strong support network and performance support materials.

Our experience working with global rollouts, and our ability to travel around the world to help develop and deliver customized training solutions, contributed to meeting the budget and schedule.