Global Power Utilities Company

A global power generation company with facilities in Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia with thousands of employees world wide.

The Challenge

The client had grown rapidly. They were in the midst of a multi-phase project that included upgrading their ERP system and standardizing their business processes world wide. The client needed to train their employees at 13 locations in at least 6 different languages. Adding to the challenge, their project team was spread out on four continents. Additionally, not all business processes had been standardized and great differences existed between facilities.

The Solution

The client chose to provide a blended solution. The initial "system basics" training, would be delivered using simulations we developed in Captivate. Intelligo consultants developed baseline documentation with notes for localization using Intelligo's tools and templates. The training was to be delivered using our Train-the-Trainer methodology. Intelligo also provided document maintenance training to key employees.

Assessment and Planning

Intelligo performed a role-based training needs assessment to define training requirements based on software and user roles. Intelligo provided recommendations for the most cost-effective training delivery method based on employees' needs and locations. We developed and delivered a training plan and timeline, developed documentation standards based on the client's requirements, and developed a strategy for gathering business process information from their decentralized project team.

Training Development

To meet the challenge of the disbursed project team, Intelligo worked remotely. Using webinars, Intelligo met with subject matter experts from around the world to gather information. Using our templates and tools, Intelligo consultants developed training and performance support materials for wide-scale training.

In meeting the client's needs to provide a single set of process documentation that addressed regional processes, Intelligo included localization notes within common processes and created individualized instructions to cover one off or standalone processes. Additionally, Intelligo customized the training materials to included additional screenshots to aid in understanding for non-English speakers.

Train-the-Trainer – Leveraging Local Resources

The client's world wide presents presented a unique training challenge, not only with the language barrier, but because the company had grown rapidly, not all of the business processes were standardized. Intelligo conducted two train-the-trainer sessions to a select group of the client's employees from each location. The subject matter experts learned the general processes, supplemented with any relevant local processes. Once trained these employees became the lead trainers for their respective locations.

Intelligo's Value-Add

Intelligo's experience with the ERP software allowed them to leverage technology to develop training materials remotely. This saved the client tens of thousands of dollars in travel expenses. Our ability to develop flexible customized training materials aided the client in meeting the challenges of developing standardized training for non-standardized business processes. As an additional benefit, Intelligo's consultants helped identify the differences in regional business processes and set the stage for the second phase of the client's project - the standardization of common business processes.