Government Entity & Multi-Entity Company using UPK

A county government with a unique rural and urban climate of some of the largest Oil refineries and Petrochemical Complexes in the Western Hemisphere, and a holding company with a stable of entertainment, media, and sports businesses.

The Challenge

Each company upgraded its Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) software to take advantage of the latest enhancements. To effectively use UPK, each company wanted to:

  • Make UPK and effective and useful resource for information and training
  • Take advantage of its new features
  • Widen the use of UPK within each company's other applications
  • Train new developers to maintain the tool and become a subject matter expert

Having used the Developer tool to create and deploy training materials for a number of years, they wanted to expand UPK's current impact to additional departments and organizations. It had also been a number of years since their current team had received training, much of which was received second hand or on their own. They had a large number of users who needed training on the enhancements and available features of the developer tool, but had no one to complete the training.

The Solution

Assessment and Planning

Intelligo tailored a multi-day training course for specific employees. The deliverables included end user documentation and UPK development courses designed to allow trainees to develop UPK simulations on their own. Intelligo’s documentation provided clear guidelines for using UPK to develop effective learning content. We covered all the features of the UPK software, but also demonstrated how these features can be used to deliver effective learning content.

Training Development and Delivery

During the UPK training sessions, instructors and students worked together to develop effective solutions for each organizations unique training needs. For example, the Intelligo instructors showed Maintenance Department personnel how to integrate pictures with detailed examples to develop web-based training for employees learning to operate and maintain equipment in the field.

By combining the power of the latest UPK release with additional developer training, each company is now ready to expand its web-based training to all of its departments.

Intelligo's Value-Add

Intelligo's experience in tailored training specifically for a government entity and a multi-entity corporation enabled a rapid design and delivery of this course. We prepared for and delivered customized classroom training for each client's UPK developers.

Intelligo met the needs of both clients by providing more process oriented documentation and UPK tutorials. These processes served as the guideline for the clients' UPK developers to follow. Intelligo's training and documentation provided the pathway to successful and effective learning content.