Manufacturer of Home Appliances

One of the world's largest producers of consumer and professional-grade home appliances, cleaning equipment, and outdoor equipment with over 27 product lines, and a market presence in over one hundred countries.

The Challenge

The client was opening a new manufacturing plant in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. Initially they needed to train 320 Spanish-speaking employees to use JD Edwards World software and other third party systems. They projected an additional 1000 employees to be trained later.

Intelligo's challenge was to not only provide translated end-user documentation and training materials for World, but also develop written support for these third-party systems from the ground up. In addition, the client requested Intelligo to help with developing and scheduling training. Many of those trainees had not been hired; the training facilities and an intranet system were not capable of supporting online training materials at the time.

The Solution

Intelligo sent their A Team of consultants. The client chose a blended solution of facilitator led training, step-by-step instructions and simulations for key business processes. A large number of end-users and positions with high turnover we expected. In addition to being used in training, all materials were then deployed on a bilingual intranet Website.

The combination of printed instructions and Web-based simulations gave the client the flexibility of using both classroom and self-directed online training. This allowed the client to determine the most cost-effective method of training, depending on job position and employee location, reducing overall training hours and hours away from the job.

Assessment and Planning

The Intelligo and client teams completed an initial needs assessment. Working with client subject matter experts and power users, Intelligo developed standards for all new training materials, including User Productivity Kit (UPK) simulations and step-by-step instructions.

Intelligo identified the roles associated with each business process and created a spreadsheet that enabled the client to match system users to the appropriate training curriculum. After the client approved the final curriculum matrix and role mapping, they were able to begin scheduling training for their users.

Training Development

Intelligo consultants attended User Acceptance Testing (UAT) sessions to get a better understanding of the client's business processes. To best suit the client's needs, Intelligo developed simulations for key business processes that involved either a large number of end-users or positions with high turnover. Step-by-step instructions were created for positions with fewer end-users. All documentation was then reviewed and approved by the client and implementation consultants. After approval, documentation was translated into Spanish.

Training Delivery

Intelligo divided training into two phases, based on each task's criticality, with the most critical users being trained first. Intelligo conducted the initial training classes with bilingual instructors and a client "power user". The second phase consisted of training the users in their secondary and non-critical tasks.

Intelligo's Value-Add

Intelligo's experience in producing training materials provided the client with a flexible training and documentation package. We met the client's need by focusing on training users with critical business functions as well as positions with a high rate of employee turnover.

Our training consultants provided guidance to client management that enabled them to identify those areas where training was needed, the number of employees that needed training, and how to schedule training for those employees with minimal disruption to production.

Intelligo's experience in developing training materials for translation facilitated the process of translating into Spanish and saved the client money in this area. Additionally, our ability to provide bi-lingual instructors to deliver training to the Spanish-speaking employees greatly enhanced the learning experience.

The deployment of all training and support materials on the client's intranet allowed employees to access self-service help when they need it, right from their desktops, reducing the costs associated with performance support. The web-based training and online instructions also created effective support for training new users rapidly, to support operational growth.

Finally, Intelligo's consultants showed the client management how to update their documentation and training Website with current data to keep their training materials up-to-date.