Paper Company

A large paper company, with eleven pulp mills, paper mills, and distribution centers around the country, was upgrading from Oracle World software to EnterpriseOne.

The Challenge

The upgrade affected thousands of users across 11 paper/pulp mills and distribution centers across the country. In addition to being a major training effort, the company needed to be able to do on-going training and provide on-the-job support. Oracle User Productivity Kit was selected to meet these needs.

Initially, the company did not include any time or budget for end-user training in the project plan. As a result, the company needed to develop training materials rapidly. Each of the company sites was responsible for its own training, but the materials needed to be developed centrally to standardize business processes.

The Solution

The company needed to get its UPK development process up and running quickly. They chose Intelligo for our long experience in User Productivity Kit, and our proven track record in developing end-user training solutions for ERP system roll-outs. Intelligo delivered a User Productivity Kit JumpStart workshop at the company's headquarters and supported the company's UPK development process.

Standards Development and UPK Curriculum Planning

Intelligo worked with the client training lead to determine the UPK standards and formatting for the development effort and that Help Desk personnel would be the UPK developers, because they: 

  • Would be supporting end-users in these applications over the life of the software.
  • Worked together in the same area and would be dedicated to creating and maintaining these training and support materials.
  • Would be able help end-users to quickly navigate to answers, increasing help desk efficiency, and encouraging the use of online support materials.

Intelligo also created Quick Reference cards for UPK development standards, started a universal Glossary, and developed client-branded templates. We then organized the role-based training curriculum and set up roles within the Knowledge Center, creating a solid training foundation.

UPK Training Delivery

Intelligo delivered hands-on UPK training to the new developers, instructing them how to develop and deply effective training and support materials. They also practiced using the standards to develop instructionally effective content.

UPK Editing Assistance and Quality Assurance

Intelligo led the effort to begin creating UPK content. Based on the test scripts from the core team, we organized the developers and assigned courses to them. Intelligo edited completed UPK Topics for each developer, providing guidance and doing a quality assurance review. This reinforced the skills and standards that they had learned.

Intelligo's Value-Add

Intelligo demonstrated its value-add in the following:

  • Defined UPK online and print standards
  • Identified a strong group of UPK developers
  • Gathered and organized test scripts to support e-learning development
  • Trained the team of UPK developers in the tool and the standards
  • Organized the UPK content library
  • Defined the role-based curriculum and set it up in UPK
  • Provided quality assurance edits and deployed role-based courses in the Knowledge Center

The company's six developers, supported by Intelligo, created more than 400 topics in six weeks. Working together, we helped them achieve their immediate training goals. Intelligo's UPK JumpStart successfully launched the company's UPK development effort, resulting in high client satisfaction and a successful training and support solution.