World Leader in Building Materials

A leading supplier of diversified construction materials in the U.S. and Canada employs more than 15,000 people at more than 1,000 locations across North America.

The Challenge

The corporation began implementing their ERP systems across three of its major divisions throughout the United States and Canada. Each division was on a different schedule implementing different modules of the software. The company needed an enterprise learning solution that would provide consistent, standard training and performance support materials for end users. Additionally, the company's employees were sparsely scattered across the breadth of the United States and Canada. Scheduling classroom training sessions presented a major hurdle.

The Solution

The customer chose a blended solution of classroom training and User Productivity Kit (UPK) on-line simulations. These simulations were also incorporated into the overall training solution, providing a blend of classroom and incorporated into the overall training solution, providing a blend of classroom and online training based on job roles and employee location. Intelligo developed the training and other support materials, provided Train-the-Trainer sessions, trained help desk personnel, lead end-user classroom training sessions, and provided post go-live support.

Assessment and Planning

Intelligo provided a needs assessment and Intelligo further helped this company identify the users who needed to be trained and the tasks they needed to be trained on, designed a training curriculum, and guided the company in scheduling the users for class sessions.

Training Development

Intelligo's consultants became one with the client's implementation team. Intelligo teams were assigned to each division to develop training and performance support materials for wide-scale training. Using our library of automated tools and templates, we documented the company's business processes, which became the foundation for training and performance support materials.

To ensure post go-live support following the initial training, Intelligo used Oracle's User Productivity Kit (UPK) to develop online simulations of each task documented. These simulations were deployed to the company's website and allowed users to review specific tasks.

Train-the-Trainer – Leveraging the Clients People to Meet the Challenge

With the client's locations presented a major challenge to training. The client's locations were widely disbursed across the US and Canada and many locations were staffed by only a few people. Intelligo also developed and delivered Train-The-Trainer sessions to train the power users to use the training materials and UPK simulations developed by Intelligo. Once trained, the power users often became the lead trainer's who would travel to remote locations.

Intelligo's Value-Add

Intelligo's experience not only with the ERP system being implemented, but in developing full scope training solutions helped the company to maximize its internal resources by allowing the core team to focus on implementing the software while Intelligo leveraged our knowledge, experience, and tools to accelerate the training program. Intelligo's expertise also allowed Intelligo consultants to supplement the client's limited company resources.

We introduced the client to UPK simulation support documentation, which saved thousands of man-hours that would have been spent in travel and onsite refresher training. We also worked with the company to ensure that the format and structure of the documentation met Sarbanes-Oxley standards, as well as the high standards demanded by the company.