Worldwide Energy Industry Services Provider

A worldwide energy industry services provider with more than $5.0 billion in sales, the company employs more than 28,000 people, and operates in 50 countries. The company’s business is complex, because it provides a range of engineering, production support, maintenance management, and industrial gas turbine overhaul and repair services to the oil and gas and power generation industries. The client recently acquired a new company in the U.S to expand its current operations.

The Challenge

The company, following its most recent acquisition, needed to consolidate all company operations onto a single E-Business Suite instance. At the same time, the company needed to consolidate operations into a global model that would encompass all of its operations, including those of the new acquisition.

Although end users were familiar with E-Business Suite, those from the acquired company needed to learn how the consolidated process changes were reflected in the system. The challenge was to find a firm that could relate these process changes to the employees through E-Business Suite. Training for end-users was a critical task that required the selection of a reliable training partner to rapidly design, develop, and deliver a high-quality, no-fail solution, and provide training online and in classroom sessions to personnel in 4 main locations in the U.S.

The Solution

Intelligo was selected to develop web-based training using Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) software, develop support materials, and deliver customized classroom training to U.S.-based personnel. The company selected Intelligo for our experience in E-Business Suite software and in delivering critical classroom and web-based training solutions under aggressive project timelines.

Assessment and Planning

Intelligo used the consolidated process model to determine the best approach for immediate training and ongoing performance support materials for user groups in multiple locations. All of this was accomplished in the face of a strict implementation deadline.

Training Development

Our expertise in using UPK software to develop effective web-based and classroom training was added bonus for the client, which purchased UPK. Intelligo’s knowledge of E-Business Suite, library of end-user materials, and UPK standards and templates enabled Intelligo to create effective web-based and classroom training materials quickly.

Intelligo's Value-Add

Intelligo leveraged its experience in development and delivery of custom training and ongoing performance support materials to help the client meet its aggressive implementation deadline. We enhanced the client to web-based training topics and printable documentation delivered through a single website. We further helped the company attain materials with format and structure to meet its high standards.

Intelligo provided a sense of relief to the trainees from acquired companies, who wanted and received E-Business Suite training that related to the new global processes. The online training and support materials and simulations provided a strong support network for existing users and for future employees.

Because Intelligo delivered this solution on time and under budget, we used the remaining time to expand the company's library of E-Business Suite topics. The client recognized the value of its UPK tool due to Intelligo's detailed UPK topics. Our UPK and printable deliverables addressed process issues and provided users with a solid online reference following their training. The E-Business Suite training environment enabled users to get additional hands-on practice to supplement the web-based training simulations. Intelligo completed the project satisfied that end-users were well prepared at go-live.